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Loyalty Communities – Target & Engage

Loyalty Communities – Target & Engage

Communities are smaller clubs within the loyalty program. They are based on specific topics, interests, or values that are important to your customer. Therefore you can strengthen your relationship with them.


Add an unlimited number of communities

The goal of setting up communities is to provide each of your customer segments with an experience that goes beyond transactions, setting you apart from the competition.

Connect with customers via their interests

Communities can be centered around a popular product, such as a gaming console; a lifestyle or hobby, for example running or wellness; or even ethical values, like sustainability.

Support brand building

Associate your brand with a sense of belonging by attracting customers with specific interests. Community membership can be free or tied to access criteria.

Highly personalized experience

By targeting a smaller audience with a common interest you’ll get to know these customers better and be able to provide targeted offers that really resonate.


Communities aren’t standalone loyalty programs, but are instead an add-on to another loyalty program structure, such as Earn & Burn, allowing you to add new touchpoints to your original framework.