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Hybrid loyalty programs

Hybrid loyalty programs

A hybrid loyalty program merges two or more types of programs together, because mixing multiple elements is often the key to adapting a loyalty scheme that fits your business strategy.


Select the best from each program type

Bypass the limitations of each type of loyalty program and reach your full potential. Start with some functionalities from one type, and mix things up later on by adding exciting new elements.

Move the most important KPIs

Each program type contributes to moving KPIs in its own way. With a mixed program, you can easily drive non-commercial goals, such as supporting your brand positioning.

Cater to your target audience

Reach your audience more effectively by optimizing your loyalty program over time. Introduce elements from various loyalty program structures that really resonate with your customers.

Connect with your customers’ values

Make a lasting impact by introducing features that support your brand’s message. Reward sustainability or an active lifestyle to connect with customers who share your brand’s values.

Flexibility from the start

Play around with various elements from different program types and see what works. You don’t need to commit yourself to one idea alone – you can always introduce something new.