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Gamified programs – Play & Unlock

Gamified programs – Play & Unlock

This type of loyalty program is based on completing challenges or collecting badges to engage customers in a gamified way. The goal is to encourage members to interact regularly with touchpoints and repeat their behavior so that they don’t lose their privileges.


Encourage repetitive behavior

Associate each challenge with a benefit. If customers wish to continue their progress, they need to repeat certain actions, fostering the creation of a habit.

Engagement beyond transactions

Customers can also be prompted to complete other engagement actions, such as social media sharing, content creation or other brand engagement.

Incentivize specific interactions

Since each challenge (or badge) is the result of a series of interactions, you can pick the ones that fit your business goals the most.

Gamified customer experience

By associating incentives with a challenge or a badge, customers have to complete a mission in order to unlock a benefit, just like in a game.

A safe choice to launch with

These programs encourage customers to follow your instructions in a fun way, without feeling restricted. Explore how customers respond to incentives and use that valuable loyalty data later on.


A potential issue with gamified loyalty programs if challenges become too complex, it can be hard to explain the rules, demanding additional communication efforts on your part. The system also requires regular updates, or else the concept becomes stale and customers abandon the program.