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Coalition & Umbrella Programs – Connect & Unite

Coalition & Umbrella Programs – Connect & Unite

Coalition loyalty programs unite multiple unrelated brands under one roof. They are ideal for shopping malls, as they not only increase footfall, but also encourage customers to enroll using various technology solutions.


Increase footfall and repeat purchase in shopping malls

Create a thrilling shopping environment where customers can earn points at any store in real-time, and then immediately redeem the accumulated rewards for coupons and other benefits.

In-store customer identification: Choose from a wide range of technologies and integrations to create a holistic customer journey, where shoppers are identified and rewarded in an easy and seamless manner.

Add value through joint tenant offers: Tenants can upload offers and campaigns directly to the loyalty platform, which you can then easily monitor. Customers also see all the relevant offers in one place online, or through a mobile app.

Gamified customer engagement: Run co-branded social media contests, organize in-store treasure hunts, introduce a multi-brand referral system and encourage user reviews – all to achieve a memorable customer experience.

Easy enrollment through card linking, receipt scanning or cloud printing: Boost the number of loyalty program members in an effortless and quick manner by integrating receipt scanning, cloud printing or card linking.


The planning phase takes much longer than one-brand rewards programs. Brand dilution is another risk: there’s a lot left to be desired in terms of making the experience more personal from each individual brand’s standpoint.